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About Dylan Allen

Coach Dylan Allen

I started running in the 4th grade and competed through high school, after which I took a hiatus from competing, but still ran for fun as I focused on my education. The old siren sang again when my wife and I were starting our family in 2012.  I signed up for my first marathon and only had one thought after crossing that finish line: “I want more!”  There was something about facing my inner demons during a race that made sense.  Since then, I’ve gone on to run 10k’s, half marathons, marathons, Boston (including 2018 in the crazy rain, wind, and cold) and 50k’s and couldn’t be happier. 


I started coaching at Central High School in Springfield, Missouri in 2002 while pursuing my undergraduate degree, and then returned to coaching when I became a personal trainer in 2012.  I now have over a decade of experience coaching high school and adult runners, swimmers, and multi-sport athletes.


I am a certified USATF Level 1 Coach, USATF Level 1 Coach, as being certified as a Personal Trainer by ISSA.  This unique combination allows me to design highly individualized training plans that appropriately integrate cross-training to help my athletes avoid and/or overcome injuries and reach their goals in a safe, effective manner.

Finishing the 2017 Humbolt Bay Marathon for my Boston Qualifier!

Train smarter, not harder.

I am a believer in the philosophy of training smarter instead of harder.  Most of the injuries that occur in endurance events are over-use injuries and are 100% preventable.  Which means if we get hurt, we probably screwed up somewhere.  The first goal of any training plan is to be healthy on race day.


I encourage athletes to be goal oriented while putting together the master plan.  We do this using our current fitness level and available time and `energy we can commit to in training to inform our expectations.  Being goal oriented also helps us make the right decision when we are in the middle of a work out.  By staying focused on what we should do today, we can often avoid the trap of what we can do today.  It feels good to crush a workout.  But it feels even better to crush our goals.


No training plan is carved in stone.  We have to be flexible enough to shift workouts around, modify them using the feedback our bodies are giving us, and be adaptable to the challenges life throws at us.  We don’t live and train in a vacuum.  Real life happens.  Part of my job is to help my athletes learn how to navigate those challenges so that they can chase their crazy Pie-In-The-Sky goals even when the "plan" goes out the window.



Ryan finishing strong at the Remember the Ten 5k in Stillwater, OK!
The Parks after a successful day at the Scorcher 13.1!

Individualized Coaching - $120/month ($75/month for students)

  • Added the to Allen Endurance Crew on Strava

  • Personalized Training Plan

  • Weekly meeting in person or via videochat/phone

  • Weekly updated training plan and training notes

  • Free goal setting and strategy sessions

  • 24/7 access via text, email, or phone.

Individualized Training Plan - $50-$100 (based on length of plan)

  • You get the whole plan up front

  • Includes two meetings (before and after putting the plan together).

  • Based on your personal history, current fitness level, and goal race time and distance.

  • Prices vary based on plan length

Personal Training Session - $35/hour

  • Meet with Coach Dylan in Ruston, LA.

  • Ideal for working on run or swim technique, interval workouts, or those workouts you know you will mentally struggle with.

  • Useful if you need to learn HOW to lift in the gym.   

  • Allows you to focus on the workout, and Coach Dylan to adapt the workout as needed to get the best possible training stimulus.

Goal Setting Session - $50

  • In person or via video/phone call

Race Day Strategy Session - $35/hour

  • In person or via video/phone call

Accountability Check-in - $20/session

  • In person meeting or video/phone call, as needed

  • For those that just need someone to keep them honest

Please call or email to schedule a meeting.  

All services except personal training sessions are available to anyone, regardless of location.

All in-person meetings are held in public locations in and around Ruston, LA.

*All payments accepted via Paypal.

Longtime clients Brian and Jenny from Knoxville, TN
Post-race with runners! (Midsouth 50k is always awesome!)

1101 Darbonne Drive, Ruston, LA 71270

Tel: 417-693-4254


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