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Improve your capacity to do more quality training!


This training plan is written for those who aren't currently in a dedicated training block and would like to increase their overall training load without getting hurt. This is a critical first step towards taking your running to the next level, setting you up for big gains down the road.  The better the foundation, the better the house we can build on top of it!


This training plan includes:

* 9-Week Base Building Plan that integrates running, lifting, and injury prevention work;

* 4 scalable lifting circuits to improve your strength, mobility, and injury resistance;

* 1 scalable resistance band workout to improve hip stability, balance, and biomechanics;

* Guidance on how to approach the different aspects of training and recovery;


This plan assumes you:

* Can run for 30 minutes without stopping;

* Have been running at least three days/week;

* Want to increase your capacity to do work in the future!


Base Building Plan

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