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That race was epic! You trained hard, put in the miles, and were disciplined. Diving right back into training can be tempting, but future you will thank you for the couple of weeks you devote to fully recovering after that last race. It's time to recover like a pro!


The Post-Race Recovery Plan is a short, 5-week long, training plan designed to help you:

1) Physically and mentally recover as quickly;

2) Identify and address any of those small things that accidentally (or intentionally) got put by the wayside during the last training block;

3) Purposefully progress through integrated runs, walks, cross-training, and lifting to optimize your results;

4) Know how to lift, and the proper progressions for the type of stability/mobility lifting you should be doing in this kind of training block.


Note: This plan was written for those finishing a hard 13.1/26.2, but it is also useful for those who just finished a hard race season of shorter races.  I'm looking at you weekend 5k road warriors, cross-country fanatics, and track speedsters!

Post-Race Recovery Plan (Free)

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