Using that theoretical construct of fitness to plan training

#TrainingPhilosophy #Endurance #Training #TrainSmarterNotHarder The previous blog post was a pretty esoteric bit about how to visualize fitness as an object in n-dimensional space. And while that’s all well and good, how do we actually use it? Basic Review of the n-Dimensional Concept of Fitness First off – If you are really confused about what I’m talking about, go read the previous article were I explain in a little more depth the n-dimensional concept of fitness (https://w

Good Goal Setting

#Training #Running #Triathlon #CoachingPhilosophy #Goals We’ve all seen the Instagram and Facebook posts about achieving your goals. Some are in the “make your fitness goals your number one priority and to hell with the rest” vein, some are more in the touchy-feely-believe-in-yourself realm. And a lot of them are somewhere in between. Most of them are some kind of kind of generic quote on a stock photo background that doesn’t actually tell us what a goal is, let alone how to

Lessons from Boston

#BostonBound #Running #Lessons #Training I have to apologize for the delay in getting this post up. We had a pretty nasty tornado the day before it was scheduled to go up, and lost power for several days. We got lucky, our house is perfectly fine (unlike most of those in the neighborhood). We finally have internet back after the tornado! But onward with the lessons learned in Boston... This year’s trip to Boston provided some lessons for me. Most of these I already knew,

In Pursuit of Excellence

#TrainingPhilosophy #Running #Training #Excellence Excellence is a habit. It isn’t something we achieve. It isn’t something we’re born with. It’s a habit that we build and execute on a daily basis. There have been many coaches, business leaders, military leaders, and leaders of faith that have expressed this sentiment. Now just because some old guy said it doesn’t mean it’s true. Old guys have been known to say lots of stuff that isn’t necessarily correct. But the idea of exc

Easing back into training after an injury

#Training #Recovery #Injury #TrainSmarterNotHarder #Running #Triathlon #Marathon Something like 80% of runners suffer some kind of injury each year. Most of these are pretty minor, but sometimes they can take us out of commission for more than a few days. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you, but if it does, be careful when you start easing back into your normal training routine. Here’s the general guidelines I give to athletes when they ask me about how to get back to where

Respect the Distance

#Endurance #Training #Marathon #HalfMarathon #Recovery #TrainSmarter “The marathon is long. No one wins. Some just survive it better than others.” I’m not honestly sure where I first heard this sentiment, but it’s true. The marathon always wins. It breaks down all of our carefully erected mental safeguards and barriers. It grinds our bodies and reduces our brains to mush. It extracts one hell of a toll on our bodies. And it is imperative we remember this. It’s really common w

Using Your Resting Heart Rate as a Guide

#TrainSmarterNotHarder #Recovery #Training Given the number of folks coming down with a bug or the flu lately, I thought I would take this opportunity to get into the basic rules of how to tell if you're ready for a workout. Let me start by saying that having a good idea of your normal resting heart rate is a good idea. I’ve known folks that check it first thing in the morning, every morning, before even getting out of bed. All kinds of things can affect your resting heart ra

Recovery - Without it There Can Be No Improvement

#TrainSmarterNotHarder #Training #Recovery #NoDaysOff #Running #Triathlon Jerry Rice was once asked if he ever takes a day off. His answer was a very resounding NO. He didn’t take days off, because recovery was an integral part of his overall training plan. There is the image in our heads of the athlete working HARD in the gym, at practice, or wherever they get their workouts in. And it is important to work hard. But it is important to remember what the goal of a workout is.